Bme Nipe 14″ Bohemian Bed Frame with Adjustable Headboard

Give your bed an upgrade with this high-quality and durable bohemian-style bed frame. With a frame made of closely-spaced wooden slats and genuine solid wood, this frame is designed to last. The adjustable height headboard allows you to customise the bed to your desired level, making it easy to pair with your mattress of choice. Additionally, the solid design has a sturdy framework which supports up to 800 pounds for a king or queen size bed, and up to 350 pounds for a twin size. This bed frame is perfect for a chic bedroom, and provides a stunning focal point for your space. It is ideal for couples or family homes, or you could even use it in a guest room to create a luxurious feel. No matter which room it’s in, this bed frame is sure to add a touch of style to your home.


Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

Pastel Bedsheets and Pillowcases

Pastel-colored bedsheets and pillowcases can add a soft, romantic touch to a boho chic bedroom. Pairing them with a wooden bed can enhance the overall bohemian vibe of the space. The natural wood of the bed will add warmth and texture, while the pastel colors will create a soothing and inviting atmosphere. This combination can help to create a peaceful and relaxing space that is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. You can also add other boho-inspired accents, such as patterned rugs, throw pillows, and plants, to complete the look and create a cohesive and stylish space.

“I was apprehensive about purchasing due to it having any reviews however I decided to go ahead anyway. The bed frame is actually really lovely! I’m happy with the purchase. It doesn’t look like it bought it from Amazon.The downside was the horrible IKEA instructions. I wouldn’t have had much of an issue except that the instructions were wrong for some of the setup (the bed legs were completely wrong) and given that the screws were for an L WRENCH and not a normal screwdriver it took 3x as long to unscrew switch and put it back together. I would’ve paid the extra money to have someone build it for me had I known.” – 12thdimension (Source: Amazon)

Plant-themed Wall Art

Adding plant-themed wall art above your bed can create a boho vibe for your bedroom. Plant-themed art, such as prints of tropical leaves or succulents, can add a touch of nature and life to your space. This can help to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a boho chic bedroom. You can also add other boho-inspired accents, such as patterned bedding, throw pillows, and plants, to complete the look and create a cohesive and stylish space. This type of wall art can also help to bring some of the outdoors inside and add a pop of color and texture to your bedroom.

“I thought it would be a natural, neutral tone. instead it was yellow. The color dates the bed which should look modern. Otherwise this bed would be awesome. Solid wood, sturdy, affordable. Just too yellow for my liking. I may bleach itUpdate: just made the bed, the more I look at it the more I like it. I put the side table to show the difference in wood color. I’m overall satisfied. Although very yellow, it’s a good bed for the price.” – Victoria Parra (Source: Amazon)