BLUU 120 Gallon Waterproof Outdoor Resin Storage Deck Box, Lock Included

  • ASSEMBLY: Our deck box is made to last, the installation process needs some effort and requires at least 2 people to do it together. Make sure all parts are clicked or screwed properly following the instructions to ensure water resistance and sturdiness. Please contact us for any installation problems.
  • MATERIALS: Iron rods added for extra support and strength. Two gas rods for easy opening and closing and keeps lid in place. Updated PP material to help keep from bending and fading. UV protected. Strong and durable.
  • USAGE: with 120 gallon storage there is plenty of room to store all of your belongings. Can be used both indoors and outdoors, including outdoor pillows, garden tools, pool toys, sports equipment and even family memories. Strong and durable, can sit up to three people on it.
  • INCLUDED: You deserve an EXTRA surprise, we have included the LOCK that will keep your belongs safe and secure.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“I bought this outdoor deck box to store all my grilling assessors and kids toys and this box did exactly what I needed. I was surprised to see two metal railings that run the length of the long sides to add rigidity.My favorite part about this box is definitely the pneumatic hinges that open the box automatically. This was also my daughter’s favorite part of the box as well when they used the box as their make shift play sleeping box for one day. The dampers help open the box and hold the lid up and helps it stay secured. When it’s down.I bought the 120gallom version and it is plenty of room to store everything you have. I compared it to my 70″ tv for reference for anyone else wondering how big 120gal is.I’ve only had this for a couple of days and the value I believe is pretty good. I think it’ll keep everything dry based on how the lid is situated on the sides.The only issue I had with this was thr instructions were just a little bit confusing. But a little intuition on how things come together definitely helped.Overall this box does everything I need and it took about 20 minutes for me to put it together by myself.” – Vincent (Source: Amazon)

“The quality is very nice and the box is a nice big size to store allot of things inside. My favorite part is the company. It arrived with a small mark on the lid from a factory defect and the company immediately reached out to us to get it replaced. Their customer service is amazing, so professional and I wish more companies in this world treated their customers with as much attention and care as they do. I HIGHLY recommend them if you are looking for something like this.” – S.Bergren (Source: Amazon)

“Great product and be sure too follow directions. This cabinet is very well constructed with quality materials. I read the instruction sheet BUT failed to follow them exactly. Step 2 is to affix one side and it went so easily that I quickly affixed the second side -big mistake .Assembly requires about 30 minutes ( if you follow the instructions exactly) and can be done by one person.Cabinet has been through two days of rain and absolutely no water inside cabinet. ( The opening I made in cabinet in order to insert one of the two reinforcing bars was sealed with flex tape)” – James B Baillon (Source: Amazon)

“Slow closing makes this kid-friendly. The color is not light brown but a taupe-grey which is a lot nicer and versatile in my opinion. Large holding capacity and assembly was easy. I love that the lid doesn’t come crashing down but has a gliding action so that little fingers don’t get smashed. Kid-friendly!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Great storage box for patio items. The weather in Northern California is unpredictable, constantly storing patio furniture items (cushions, pillows) became a chore. The BLUU box made it much simpler, saving time and space from having to store these items indoors. The assembly was well documented though I recommend two people in the process. Once built it’s very sturdy and spacious. In terms of water resistance, there are slight gaps between the panels, though the items stored inside have remained dry.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Lots of storage and looks great! Great storage box. Very ample storage space and it looks great! It was pretty easy to put together although I recommend two people assemble it. I did it by myself so it was a little tricky holding pieces together and screwing them in. Love the color, style, sturdiness and slow-open hinges. My only con is that the lid is a little bit misaligned when closed but I think that’s probably user assembly error.” – K. Volpp (Source: Amazon)

“Great poolside box. Good size box and very sturdy. I like the lid not slamming closed because of the included hydraulic hinges. I also like it has metal reinforcements to keep it from warping in the hot sun. Instructions were really good for assembly.” – Amy Kennedy (Source: Amazon)

“Ordered this for the style that matched my craftsman house. The color is more taupe than gray but still a nice color. Had a all day gentle rain yesterday and just checked that the cushions remained dry. Not sure about a torrential down pour. Nice hinge mechanism which stays up when open for easy unloading and reloading. Seams very sturdy. 2 person assembly.” – Judith Dennison (Source: Amazon)

“Large deck box. Was easy to assemble. It doesn’t slam close on little fingers. We are enjoying it!” – Colin Bozarth (Source: Amazon)

“We’re very happy with these 2 outside storage boxes we bought for pool equipment , cushions and pool toys. Also love the color grey, goes with our house perfectly. So far they have proven to be water resistant and very sturdy, but easy enough to open by my 2 year grandson!” – Sherri Cross (Source: Amazon)

“Stays Dry and big enough for our patio pillows. Love how this looks on our patio! Fits our pillows to keep dry. We easily fit 4 seat cushions and 4 back pillows. Then checked after getting over 4 inches of rain for a day, it was dry inside!” – Lmart2 (Source: Amazon)

“Read the instructions before installing it! My husband put the four sides up without inserting the metal rods so when trying to take one side off, we broke one part. After contacting the company, they shipped us another one at no charge and this time around we knew better to read the instructions. The assembly was pretty easy and you definitely need two people to assemble save. We love this box to keep our outside chairs pillows safe from the weather.” – Yleana Sawyer (Source: Amazon)

Other Outdoor Uses

Multipurpose Patio Coffee Table: Combine function and style by transforming the deck box into an attractive outdoor coffee table. Start by enhancing its top with a custom-cut piece of tempered glass, trendy decorative trays, and weather-resistant coasters. By day, it serves as a chic table to hold beverages and snacks; by night, store cushions and blankets inside. Couple it with outdoor sofas or lounge chairs, add a couple of outdoor rugs and planters with tall grasses or bamboo for privacy, creating an inviting living room vibe in your backyard.

Poolside Organizer and Bench: Place the deck box poolside to store swimming accessories, like goggles, toys, and towels. Lean into a nautical or beach theme by accessorizing the surface with a marine-inspired outdoor fabric runner, seashells, and a couple of waterproof lanterns for evening swims. As an added bonus, the resilient design of the box allows it to double as poolside seating, enabling guests to take breaks from the water or slide on their sandals with ease.

Outdoor Buffet and Entertaining Hub: For your outdoor gatherings, convert the Bluu deck box into a buffet table. To achieve this, set up a stylish yet durable tablecloth or runner atop the box, place a couple of wooden boards for serving charcuteries, and use sustainable dinnerware to minimize waste. The spacious inside can hold outdoor dining essentials, from blankets for cooler evenings to extra serving dishes and garden lights for ambiance. This central hub facilitates smooth hosting, keeping all essentials neatly stashed but readily accessible.

Garden Tool Haven and Mini-Greenhouse: Dedicate the deck box for housing gardening tools, hose attachments, seeds, and fertilizers, perfectly organizing all gardening essentials in one spot. Spruce it up by placing a few potted herbs or succulents on top or installing a small grow station with a clear sturdy cover atop for those who are into starting seedlings outdoors. Local birds may even come to treat the box as a landing zone, especially if bird-friendly plants are observed nearby.

Sports Equipment and Activity Zone: Create a dedicated zone for family sports and outdoor games by storing balls, rackets, and other sports equipment. To make it more visually appealing and inspire activity, drape it with a waterproof, boldly colored outdoor throw and adorn one side with clip-on cup holders for hydration options. Near the box, you could suggest physical activity by creatively displaying hula-hoops, setting up a croquet set beginning, or mapping out prefixed spots for yoga mats, summoning an air of ready-to-play for family and visitors.