Belffin Modular Velvet Sectional Sofa with Storage Seat, Blue

Bring style and comfort to your home with this modular velvet sectional sofa. The design is sleek and modern, with moveable seats and adjustable armrest and backrest to create the perfect configuration for your living space. The sofa is filled with high resilience foam, making it a cozy and supportive place to relax. It’s a great choice for any home – from a family-friendly living space to a sophisticated media room. Plus, it can easily be converted into a bed, making it a great choice for small apartments and guest rooms. You can even take advantage of financing or insurance options to make it easier to purchase. All in all, this versatile modular sectional sofa is sure to bring a touch of luxury to any living space.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“For starters, I had a tracking number that said my 9 pieces would be delivered on Monday. 2 of the pieces arrived the day before, Sunday, and I immediately contacted their customer service to see what was going on. They quickly replied with 7 additional tracking numbers, causing my confusion and panic to subside with easy. Their customer service staff was incredible friendly and fast. You can’t ask for anything better.Next up is the couch! All the parts are interchangeable, so putting it together is very easy. You can get creative with it, you could easily buy more parts to change the functionality of it. I love it.The color was exactly as advertised.The couch is incredibly comfortable and supporting. It’s both firm and soft. The storage is out of this world. It truly is a great couch. Everything about it.It looks good, it makes the room look much larger than it is the way we layed it out. And like I said before, when our needs change and we use it in a different room/situation we can change it into something else.It’s a great couch. And I again, give credit where credit is due, their customer service is top notch!” – gkraighe (Source: Amazon)

“I’m in LOVE with this couch! I previously had a modern leather sectional that was never really comfortable. When it started peeling I decided it was time to replace it. My requirements were something modern, modular, comfortable, affordable, and good quality. I went to several furniture stores and websites but couldn’t find “the one.” I checked out the popular, overpriced cardboard like sectional we all heard of and was not impressed. I loved the feeling of some of the cloud style couches but they looked too frumpy to me. Then…I found The Belffin! This couch was a gamer changer. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and sophistication. Plus, it has storage and reclining backrests!!! What more could a girl ask for? This set would be like 10K if it was the love “couch.” Anyway, the product arrived in record time with straightforward instructions and all the tools you need to assemble it. This literally came with a real screwdriver for each ottoman (a good one too). If this isn’t thoughtful I don’t know what is. Honestly, I think it’s a cost savings opportunity for the seller, but the thought is certainly appreciated. The couch itself is good quality and comfortable to sit and sleep on. The material is soft but resilient as I have two poms who still sneak on my couch from time to time leaving drool and pawprints behind…” – JD (Source: Amazon)

“I searched for this couch for a long time and then I found this beauty. It has the exact look I was searching for. The color is perfect, the shape is perfect, the price was right. I bought the u shape sofa plus an extra armless chair and 2 extra back cushions to make this symmetrical u shaped sofa. You don’t sink into this couch, but it’s comfortable. The back cushions are nice and soft. The fact there’s storage in each piece is a bonus. I’m glad I took a chance and ordered online. Oh-and I ordered it on Sunday and had all the pieces 4 days later. I don’t think you can beat that these days!” – Tari Howland (Source: Amazon)