Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table Garden Bench with Umbrella Hole for Backyard, Porch, Patio, Deck

  • 2-IN-1 TRANSFORMING CAPABILITY: Unique furniture starts as a picnic table and transforms to a garden bench in seconds, allowing you and guests to enjoy lunch or simply lounge outside
  • HIGH-QUALITY COMPOSITION: Sturdy natural wood holds up to 4 people when used as a picnic table and 2 people when used as a bench; made lightweight to allow for easy mobility
  • SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Combining a bench and table together makes this outdoor furniture piece perfect for smaller spaces of your backyard, patio, garden, or deck
  • BUILT-IN UMBRELLA HOLE: 1.5-diameter hole in the table top/backrest will fit most standard umbrellas, so you can block the area from the sun’s harmful rays
  • PERFECT FOR DIY PROJECTS: The natural wood design is ideal for customization; paint it any color or style to help it complement any outdoor space perfectly; TABLE DIMENSIONS: 57″(L) x 54″(W) x 30.25″(H), BENCH DIMENSIONS: 54″(L) x 27″(W) x 33″(H); Weight Capacity: 380 lbs.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Perfect for family dinners on our screened porch! The finished product makes our little corner just perfect! Our family of 4 fits perfect for dinner with plenty of elbow room. My little boys love it and were mind blown that it’s a Transformer! They couldn’t believe that “MOMMY MADE A TRANSORMER!” So it has given me cool points with them.I was able to put it together rather easily and there were no broken or missing pieces. Feeling the texture of the wood and seeing some splinters out of the box means I will have to seal it with something. It is solid wood but the way it directs you to assemble it, makes it easy to handle.The tools and parts were well labeled but I did struggle a little with the instructions and the pictures included. I rely heavily on pictures…it would be much easier if they were zoomed in and showed a little more detail.I used my impact drill for all the screws and bolts…there’s NO way I would’ve completed the project with just hand tools. The screws and bolts have two different Phillips heads so I had to change out my bit for those (the instructions did not disclose this size difference). I also used a level where I thought I was a little off and thankfully I did because I would’ve been a full bubble off plum. Sorting out the paired pieces really helped and I assembled it right were it was going to live.The lumber was well packaged and protected from shipping…one look at the dented and ripped box, I assumed there were some broken pieces! Thankfully everything inside was perfect with bubble wrap and styrofoam. I am very pleased with the end result and look forward to this being abused by my 2 rambunctious boys and our family for several years to come!!” – GBH (Source: Amazon)

“Relatively easy to put together. This bench and picnic tables is relatively easy to put together. I did stain it with Valspar two and one to give it some extra durability after reading some reviews. Well, putting it together the only thing I wish was that there were screw holes marked for putting on the bench, it did come together OK though. I stained it one day and put it together the next. Overall, it took me about five hours. The staining took me about three. I will say when pulling the bench out or putting it back to a bench you need to make sure you grab the right piece because it will drag the other components. If you do that hard enough, it might break some of the wood pieces. I would not say that it is as durable as some say on here. I am a lightweight person and it works fine, but I would not necessarily stand on this table. Overall, it’s a good addition to my backyard. It’s not too heavy.” – Chrissy (Source: Amazon)

“Love it. It’s perfect for what I needed it for. It fits on our covered deck perfectly. I wouldn’t seat a bunch of large adults on it, but perfect for kids and average sized persons. It’s not big, which is what I was looking for. Compact. Easy to put together. Instructions were easy to understand. So happy I bought it.” – Heath (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect! This is the most awesome little table ever! It’s perfect for leaving as a bench on our porch and pulling out as a table when we need it. I love that we have a table on the porch without it taking up all the room. Will need to seal it though….” – Ben Douglass (Source: Amazon)

“Very sturdy picnic table. Not just for kids. This picnic table we had for one season so far. I used Minwax Helsman. And I love the color. It is a very good sealant and protector. You can’t sand the table due to the fact it will remove the stain color. So I just sanded lightly the bad areas which were very minimal. I put 3 coats on the top of horizontal parts that will be mostly hit by UV and where standing water would lie. All other parts I put two. Using steel wool in between coats. Perfect sheen!Assembly instructions were ok. But a few pointers. The tops of benches must be flush to the outer (L & R) edges of the bench seat frames! Make sure you pay attention how bolts go in and I keep it uniform. I used a countersink bit before putting the wood screws in. Took only an extra couple minutes to do that and I recommend doin this.One issue I had was the handles I noticed other reviewers stating the handles breaking. Well they might need adjusting. I found out when moving to the ‘bench’ that the wood handles would be squeezed too much allowing the legs to be raised about 1/2” off of ground so when one would sit on bench it would put too much pressure on the bolt in the handle and basically split it two. So pay attention to what needs to be sanded down. I took off about 1/8” with a belt sander in the right area of both handles. The legs were now able to touch the ground so when I sat on it, not too much pressure on the bolt that is holding the handle.I recommend this table!!” – Chaz (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assemble and very nice quality. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this was to assemble, and only with a screwdriver and a wrench. The bench pieces are already partially assembled so the whole thing came together in 7 steps. It’s very easy to swap between the bench and the picnic table and very comfortable in both configurations. Still need to seal it for weatherproofing but 10/10 recommend!” – Holly & Huck (Source: Amazon)

“Great bench and picnic table! Nice bench and picnic table, if you have reasonable expectations for the price you are paying. The assembly instructions are not 100% accurate or clear, but it is simple enough to figure out. Needs painting, specially if you will leave it out in the weather.With all 2 in 1 products you don’t get the best of each… you get the convenience of having both in one. So the picnic table is small, specially the table, but it works. The bench is a bit better. I have a ridiculously narrow porche, and this small bench works perfectly for me.I am planning to buy 3 more so I have enough tables for family and friends. It speaks volumes that I am planning to buy more, it is a good product.” – MAF 123 (Source: Amazon)

“Space saving and easy to convert. I’m 58, female, and pretty handy so it took me less than an hour to put this bench together. I did half of it inside and then moved outside because I wasn’t sure it would fit out my patio door, but looking at the finished product I think it would have. It’s easy to open and close between bench and table but it definitely is very soft and unpreserved wood. I’m going to stain and seal it but it is under a roof. Be careful when putting the pieces together to watch whether they are inside or outside of the pieces they’re attaching to. I had a little trouble with the second long pair of legs trying to figure out the angle they should be connected. But I was able to do it. Gave it four stars instead of five because I wish it would have already come with a seal coat but otherwise a great bench so far!” – S. Safford (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! Took about an hour to put together by myself. Directions were clear and easy to follow. Product is sturdy and there were no missing parts. I plan on getting a lot of enjoyment from sitting out and relaxing in front of my garden or having friends over to eat out.” – Helen Latta (Source: Amazon)

“Easy to assemble, very cute. My husband put this together very quickly. He’d thought to seal it beforehand, but it’s clear the wood is treated and since everything was smooth, just assembled it.It easily goes from table to bench.My thoughts? It looks like something for children… but since my husband loves it (he sees it as an outdoor workbench) it stays. ;-)Edited to add another picture, as it’s still here.” – pamibe (Source: Amazon)

“Some minor quality control issues. One star off due to poor quality of some of the wood pieces. Overall easy to build and seems study. Would be perfect if all wood was inspected for cracks prior to packaging. Even with that, it’s not cracked in vital places, yet. Hopefully stays sold long term.” – Rama L (Source: Amazon)

“FANTASTIC!!!! Just put some wood sealer on it Easy to assemble for a female. Instructions were very good. Sturdy bench/table, don’t know what people are whining about, about the wood quality and splinters? Quality is good and no splinters. I still need to waterproof seal it. Extremely happy with it!” – edits (Source: Amazon)