Best Choice Products 6-Person Circular Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table for Patio, Backyard, Garden

  • DURABLE COMPOSITION: 6-person picnic table & bench setup is made of weather-resistant wood with a blonde finish to be a mainstay in your backyard for years to come
  • SEATS 6 PEOPLE: Holds a maximum of 500 pounds per bench, allowing your family to gather ’round on connected benches for good food and company; accommodates 2 people per bench
  • UMBRELLA HOLE: A drilled hole in the center of the table is the perfect size to fit a patio umbrella and provide shaded outdoor lounging
  • VERSATILE OUTDOOR SET: This picnic table is perfect for a meal in any area of your backyard – place it on the patio, in your garden, or underneath your favorite tree
  • NATURAL WOODGRAIN: The natural wood texture makes it ideal for creating an enjoyable DIY experience by painting the set to match your personality or outdoor setup; TABLE DIMENSIONS: 35″(Dia) x 27″(H); Weight Capacity: 1,500 lbs.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“B E A U T I F U L. Great Table, exactly like the description. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE TOOLS TO PUT IT TOGETHER, tho. But it’s PERFECT, I 100% recommend it.” – Great Table, exactly like the description. MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE TOOLS TO PUT IT TOGETHER, tho. But it’s PERFECT, I 100% recommend it (Source: Amazon)

“Cute for the price. Quick Review:1) The smell is cedar. This is cedar wood. Smell is very strong.2) I used a semi-transparent wood stain and it looks great. Definitely recommend protecting the wood if this is going outside. Also, staining reduces the strong cedar smell.3) Assembled myself (single female) in under 2 hours. Directions say 45 minutes so maybe allot more time if you’re doing this solo. Used phillips screwdriver & wrench. Strength is needed for this. Instructions are not bad at all. All parts included.4) Even assembled perfectly with all screws etc in place & tight, this was initially somewhat rickety. For the first few days I kept having to re-tighten bolts. Update – seems to have settled; it creaks a bit but bolts are no longer sliding in & out. Feels sturdy.5) Height and structure are great. Benches are good height & angle to table. Table is 3′ in diameter, so this isn’t a large table.6) As others have said, the 6-seat table does not have a hole for am umbrella at the base.Overall, this is a cute, basic, small picnic table. I really like it. I bought it to be able to work outside and get some fresh air and it’s serving that purpose. Compared with prices of similar items, I think I got what I paid for. I’m enjoying the table & fresh air immensely but I don’t know if this could hold 6 people. Still may use wood glue to make it sturdier.” – bibbbidybobbidyboop (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for small meals. I added a picture of me and my pup, 60lb poodle, sharing a bench. It’s small but perfect for my needs, it leaves room to walk around, last night my 6’1 husband, 5’10 teenage sons myself, 5’1 125lbs and my 6 year old all enjoyed dinner on the deck. It’s really lovely. Pretty easy to put together. Glad we watched a video first so we knew to remove the little triangle piece so we can use an umbrella. I have no complaints.” – Joy (Source: Amazon)

“First time that I got more than expected. This patio table/bench combination is the first time that I bought something on Amazon and got more for my money than expectedIt was easy to assemble, taking under an hour, and the finished product really looks great. The wood and the assembly hardware were really of top quality. The screws and bolts will need to be retighten after they settle in which takes about a week. You can make this less of a hassle if you use wood glue during the final assembly. This also aids in the overall sturdiness of the finished productOverall, Extremely Happy with this purchase” – Jerry Gebhardt (Source: Amazon)

“Great Little Table. This is a great little table for what we needed. We put together a little camp site where we park our trailer at home – just because I always wanted to. We didn’t want a full size picnic table and this seemed perfect. It is on the smaller side, but it would fit 3 or 4 adults fairly comforably. It’s a picnic table not a La-Z-Boy. We sealed it before assembling it and used glue when we did put it together. We’ve only had it together for a week but it seems pretty sturdy. Like others have said – pull the little triangle piece off and pull the staples out. Use it to assemble the 3 supports and then take it out if you plan to use an umbrella. Also, get the leaf blower out to blow all the styrafoam away. It’s not a huge amount but there is some little BBs that stick to the pieces. It is well packed though.” – phinner (Source: Amazon)

“good to have. the color is darker than I thought (compare with the stock pic)I like the smell of the took some time but its still easy to feels sturdy, but the leg chipped a little when I lifted up one side. need to be careful with it.” – Chiyo (Source: Amazon)

“So far so good! Easy to put together if you don’t rely on the directions it comes with. Very nice table!! Will treat it to make it weather resistant!” – Meboy39 (Source: Amazon)

“The PERFECT picnic table for a small patio! I am absolutely in love with this picnic table! It’s perfect for a small patio. The table itself is a little small for 6 to be eating at the same time- but we’re a family of 3, so it’s perfect. Assembly was a little tricky- but it’s not hard, you just definitely need the appropriate tools on hand to do it. Once together- it is sturdy and great quality…the cedar even smells great. Would highly recommend!! Great value for sure!” – Lauren A. (Source: Amazon)

“Cute and Comfy! We love this little table! It is comfortable and easy to move if needed. Bring on the home picnics!” – Kindle Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Love this table! Perfect for my deck! Took me a while to put together, but I did it myself. I really like this table- perfect size and looks great!” – D. Miller (Source: Amazon)

“Adorable and a little tricky to figure out the base but overall a good product. Really cute backyard picnic table that adds some spice to your backyard. It’s adorable, sturdy, and isn’t too heavy. My amazing handyman was able to assemble by himself. It was a difficult jump start as the pieces aren’t labeled but after that was figured out assembling moved quickly.” – Alisa (Source: Amazon)