Best Choice Products 6-Person Indoor Outdoor Acacia Wood Dining Table with Steel Legs

  • WEATHER-RESISTANT ACACIA WOOD: This indoor/outdoor dining table is made of durable Acacia wood with an attractive, natural finish to withstand wear from the elements
  • THICK, METAL LEGS: Slightly slanted metal legs complete its rustic design, adding an extra touch of style to your lawn, patio, or your home’s dining room
  • IDEAL FOR GATHERINGS: Seats up to 6 individuals; large enough for family dinners or small gatherings and quality times with friends
  • SIMPLE, MODERN APPEARANCE: Stylish design with clean, straight lines for a simple appearance that will complement any living space, even indoor areas
  • VERSATILE SUPPORT: Built strong to hold up to 350 pounds-the perfect surface for everything from dinner to DIY building projects and more; OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 69″(L) x 32.25″(W) x 29.5″(H); Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Glad I purchased! I absolutely LOVE this table! It has changed the look of my dining area completely. The slats that other reviews mention are there, but they don’t go all the way through so nothing will spill through to the floor. However, small things like rice or sprinkles do get stuck so a little handheld vacuum is necessary. Also, my table legs are true black, which matches perfectly. Setup was quick, did it myself in 30 min. Some of the screws had trouble lining up, but worked out. Just set it up yesterday, so can’t speak on durability. It looks very high end and I’m very happy with my purchase!” – Lynda (Source: Amazon)

“This table seems good quality and it’s beautiful. Made an excellent addition for our deck. Since the price was so reasonable, I wondered if it would appear cheap or not very sturdy, but it seems well-made. It’s a good size and can comfortably fit four chairs, could also put two more chairs, one on each end. I had just a little trouble lining up the screws for the legs of the table, but was able to work with it and make it work. easy to assemble also. Very happy with this purchase. Not sure how it will hold up in the weather, sunshine, rain, etc. I will probably add some thing else to help protect it against the weather, but so far I am very pleased” – Beth (Source: Amazon)

“Really well made! Perfect for our space. Love the wood color. Really great with our chairs and rug” – Amanda E. (Source: Amazon)

“LOVE THIS TABLE! I’ve never been in our dinning room so much. First of all, super stylish and can go with many home aesthetics, the perfect size for about 6 people (2 on each side, 1 on each end), durable legs and beautiful color and tone to the wood planks! We did have a few scuffs on the metal legs but that doesn’t bother me much. Assembly was fairly easy, and it’s not too heavy to move around. Only complaint is that one section of our top planks looks slightly un-stained so the wood looks a little dry and I hope it doesn’t dry rot sooner than we anticipate, and also wish it had a support brace for the top because the planks are fairly thin. But I cannot wait to host dinner parties on this bad boy! Highly recommend, especially for the price.” – Bethany Snyder (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful table and excellent quality! Super simple to assemble. Highly recommend” – Mandi Cobb (Source: Amazon)

“This table is beautiful! It fits the style of our home beautifully and would work for many different styles. I put it together by myself and it took about 45 minutes. A few of the holes did not line up with where the screws were meant to go and one of the legs was threaded wrong so it took longer than it should have. There are some pretty large gaps between the boards, so I used wood filler (brand: plastic wood. Color:golden oak) to keep food from getting stuck in the cracks and added two coats of polyurethane to seal it because it didn’t seem to be sealed (before and after pictures shown).The wood does feel a little soft, so I’m really hoping it holds up and doesn’t scratch or dent too much, but overall for the price and with a little bit of extra work, it’s beautiful and we are very happy with it!” – Alysa (Source: Amazon)

“I’m not going to lie; when I first saw this table I was worried about the multi-colored wood would look in comparison with my vision, but it works and it is AWESOME!A few tips;1. Sort out your pieces first, read the instructions about three times and THEN assemble. Also, don’t assemble any screws too tight at first, or everything WILL be out of alignment… EASILY! I know that may be “self explanatory” to some, but come on, it’s a table and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want my mimosa and Sunday brunch to cave in because I skipped a step… just saying.2. The instructions say 20 minute assembly time… FALSE! More like 1.5 hours if you use the provided tool! Save yourself some time and use a drill with the appropriate bit. I totally stripped the one provided and it was a long night/morning for me.3. Enjoy!” – Diva (Source: Amazon)

“This table is truly stunning. Everyone who visits compliments it. It is very soft wood and can get trace lines and gouges easily. I took the advice of others and put 2 coats of epoxy on. Now it shines like a dream, the soft wood and color are protected from scratches and discoloration from glasses and heat, and the epoxy filled the gaps between planks so it’s also a solid surface for working or writing. I couldn’t be more pleased.” – Vicky G (Source: Amazon)

“The table is really nice and fairly easy to put together. A bunch of the pre drilled holes were way smaller than they we’re supposed to be and also one spot was missing a hole. But we got it to work and it looks great.”  – Stephanie (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! Such a beautiful table. Easy to assemble.. (my dog helped as you can see)Top of table could use another coat of sealant – has a slight dry wood feel – but still lovely.It’s definitely large enough for 6 seats and I was nervous it would look too long but it works for my spaceArrived / delivered fast!Very pleased” – Jenna Chrisman (Source: Amazon)

Bought for my patio so I can sit and work outside especially during the pandemic. Was super easy to assemble and gives the look I was looking for. Honestly a bargain for what you get! Super happy! Paired with a bench I also found on here.I hope it is as weather proof as they say! If not the case, I’ll keep y’all posted!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“Good solid wood table. The color patterns from the wood grain are beautiful. Pretty easy to put together. I did it alone in less than half an hour. Legs are actually not black but a super dark brown which was a little disappointing but not worth sending it back for.” – Sonia (Source: Amazon)

“I love this table. It is so pretty and durable! We will get a ton of use out of it once warmer weather arrives. I added the bench and the metal chairs for extra seating!” – H Trout (Source: Amazon)

“Inexpensive, easy to assemble, and it’s so nice! I thought the legs were black originally, but they’re actually a dark brown. You can’t tell unless you get up really close on it. I probably will put some type of wood protector on it but all in all I love it!” – TM (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the BCP Acacia Wood Dining Table

Rustic Elegance Theme: Pair the table with mismatched, antique wooden chairs to enhance the rustic feel provided by its acacia wood and metal legs. Use a soft, white linen tablecloth and a centerpiece featuring wildflowers in a vintage vase, adding warmth and charm. Cream-colored, ceramic plates and antique silverware can complete the look, bridging the gap between rustic charm and understated elegance.

Bohemian Outdoor Oasis: Create a vibrant outdoor dining area by surrounding this table with colorful, plush floor cushions and low benches. Incorporate an eclectic mix of patterned throws and pillows in rich, warm tones. Hang string lights above and place lanterns around for a cozy, intimate setting. Use a colorful, Turkish-style table runner and place terracotta planters with succulents and cacti as centerpieces to emphasize the boho vibe.

Scandinavian Minimalism: For a more minimalistic approach, opt for simple white or grey chairs with clean lines that complement the table’s straightforward design. Decorate with monochrome or muted tableware and a simple glass vase with a few stems of greenery for a touch of nature. Keep decorations minimal—a few carefully selected pieces to maintain a calm, uncluttered feel that epitomizes Scandinavian design.

Modern Coastal Charm: Transport your guests to a chic, seaside getaway with a coastal-inspired setup. Choose chairs with a light wash or distressed paint finish, and coordinate with navy blue or striped accents for soft furnishings like cushions. A centerpiece of sea glass, shells, and candles can make the dining experience delightful. Incorporate rope or wicker accessories to add texture and depth, enhancing that fresh, breezy coastal feel.

Garden Party Elegance: Ideal for al fresco dining, adorn the acacia wood dining table with a lush, botanical-themed table setting. Use delicate, floral-print tableware paired with gold or brass utensils for a touch of glam. Centerpieces made of low-lying, seasonal flowers or an array of potted herbs not only look beautiful but can also be aromatic. Hanging greenery or floral garlands from a pergola or umbrella can frame the table nicely, adding a sophisticated yet enchanting garden party atmosphere.