Best Choice Products 5-Tier Rustic Industrial Bookshelf, Brown

Put your items in order with this heavy duty, open design shelf. This rustic industrial bookshelf has a steel frame and composite wood shelves that provide a strong and reliable organization solution. The antique wood finish makes it an ideal addition to any office or living room. With five tiers of storage space, it is perfect for storing and retrieving items such as linens, magazines, books, pictures of family and friends, artwork, and accolades. Best of all, it is easy to assemble and even easier to maintain. The overall dimensions are 31.5”(L) x 14”(W) x 62.75”(H), and the weight capacity is 220 lbs. Whether you are looking to store books, pictures, or other items, this rustic industrial bookshelf has you covered. Put everything in its place and get organized today!

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Sturdy and easy to assemble. Looks good, but is a bit darker than I was expecting based on the pictures. From a distance the shelves look like real wood, but close up the cheap vinyl wrap is apparent… but nobody inspects that closely, so who cares : ) … I would not hesitate to purchase again if we need another affordable shelf.” – M (Source: Amazon)

“This was super easy to put together – the instructions are simple and to-the-point, but I feel like even without instructions, the assembly would be pretty easy to figure out.I’ve purchased 2 of these for extra storage in my kitchen. The shelves are veneered hollow particle board, but I was even able to screw hooks and racks into the underside of a couple of shelves for coffee mugs and wine glasses. The hooks securely hold my heaviest mugs.Very sturdy – we’re storing some fairly heavy stuff on the shelves and I’m confident the shelves will hold, with no risk of bowing or tipping.Attractive, contemporary industrial feel. No one’s gonna know it’s veneered particle board unless they turn their head sideways, squint, and tap the shelves – and who needs people like that in their lives anyway? LOL – if you want wooden shelves you’re gonna have to pay more than $100. Excellent quality for the price, in my opinion.” – mynameisnothuntergreen (Source: Amazon)

“I ended up liking it so much that I bought two! I really love these bookcases. They’re really easy to assemble (and I’m horrible at that stuff) and the wood looks real. They’re so lightweight that it’s really easy to move it around. I’ve had no problems with it but make sure to have bookends for the ends!” – kasper (Source: Amazon)