Backyard Expressions Patio Home Garden Store Rustic Outdoor 45 Qt. Beverage Cooler

  • Fully insulated to keep drinks cold longer!
  • Side handles make this very easy to transport, even when full!
  • 45 Quart capacity holds approximately 45 cans and Ice
  • Includes drainage spout and bottle opener
  • Easily prop the lid open so that you can grab drinks with only one hand free

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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Beautiful addition to your deck/patio. I love it! I stained it red to match the rest of my deck and I couldn’t be happier with it. It was easy to put together, and it held the stain very well. It’s just what I wanted and needed to complete my Oasis. The red stain makes it look very “Sedona” like and the stain will help keep it protected for years of use. I do recommend this cooler. You will not regret it.” – Sharon M (Source: Amazon)

“Not too bad but had to upgrade it. My Birthday gift. You will have to drill before screwing the screws to avoid crack or split. (Note: make sure you don’t go too deep and mess up the cooling case and don’t add the bottle opener because it will break.) I also gave it a touch of black and gold paint for that pop-up effect. Hope you enjoy.” – Dave A. (Source: Amazon)

“Excellent extra cooler. Excellent extra cooler for our basement bar! Holds 24 bottles of beer very easily. Was easy to assemble. We stained ours to match our decor in our basement” – Jane E. Szilagyi (Source: Amazon)

“Looks great. This was the second time I purchased this. The first time I purchased the used one, and I think it was one of the other ones in the review where the top is split. I actually stained all the wood and sprayed all the black hardware with black rust oleum. Then I put it together. It looks really cute but there were a couple drawbacks. Two of the legs didn’t have pre-drill holes for installation and I didn’t realize this until I had started screwing them in with the impact gun. I almost split the wood. The top frame edges do not meet and they are stapled in and they are coming loose. I plan on putting reinforcement on them this weekend overall it looks really cute and I am super excited to see how it holds up over the summer. You can order a cover for it for $18 on Amazon and it is on its way.” – Kevin A. (Source: Amazon)

“Love it! I would have given this cooler 5 stars except that the lid was seriously cracked when it arrived. It must have happened during shipping. Fortunately I know someone who was able to fix it. We have enjoyed the cooler since! It’s attractive and gets compliments from guests.” – Fran (Source: Amazon)

“Quality and easy to assemble. I got this for my husband for Father’s Day early and he loved it. It’s good quality wood, the inside steel is very sturdy and the decorations make it really special. The bottle opener is super handy and we really use that quite a bit even when we don’t have anything in the cooler itself so it’s multi functional! It looks great on my porch. He liked it so much we got 2 more for my sons at their new places. It takes less than an hour to put together and only takes one person. You’ll need a screw driver and a hammer and that’s it. I highly recommend this cooler. Seriously great quality.” – TheMommaSob (Source: Amazon)

“Sturdy and worth the money. Stumbled upon this cooler as I was searching for a Father’s Day present. My dad loves it, was easy to set up and put together (30 minutes) he has put it outside and has kept his drinks with ice still left in it after 2 days. Very sturdy and looks great. The side drain makes it easy to get rid of extra water and bottle opener is convenient.” – Jamie Nicole 08 (Source: Amazon)

“Ice lasts….. We just used the cooler for the first time and in 70ish degrees and placed in the sun, the ice lasted for 3 days!!! That’s better than any ice chest/cooler we’ve ever owned! Definitely recommend!” – Dawn Lende (Source: Amazon)

“He loves it! I got these for my hubby who works out of the front porch sometimes. We love it. It stays cool with the aluminum interior for at least 48 hours with 1 serving of ice. Easy to assemble and drain!” – Emily (Source: Amazon)