Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair

Stylish, comfortable, and modern, this swivel accent chair is the perfect addition to any room. Its mid-century design with beech wood legs and walnut lacquer combined with its high quality suede fabric upholstery make it a timeless piece of furniture. It boasts a sturdy metal frame, which can hold up to 330lbs, and is easy to assemble. The roomy depth and width provide a comfortable seating experience, perfect for long conversations, reading, or working. Its 19.29” seat height and 10.24” arm height are ideal for either a petite or tall figure and it comes in ten colors for easy room matching. Whether it be for a living room, dining room, bedroom, office, study, or makeup vanity, this swivel accent chair is sure to please.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Wow! Now that I look at the pictures again, it really is how it is displayed. The packaging came great. All that you need to assemble the chair was given to you with instructions. Very easy.It spins! I love it! I love the color, it’s just rich and beautiful for my eyes. It enhances the room, goes so well with anything I can imagine. I sit all the time to work on it, it’s perfect. Can sit there for such a long time and I feel supported.I love that it comes with something to put under the legs so that when you move the chair, it’s not scratching the floor and I can move it without worry about the sound of it or if it’s damaging to the chair. Which is something to take note that it’s not as delicate which makes it known it would last for a long time.I love everything from the armrest, to the back, to the fact that I can put my feet up and cross my legs while I work or leave them down. Whatever position, I know I am comfortable and supported for hours. They are great lounge chairs, accent chairs.They enhanced my room for sure : ) great touch as well. i feel that it adds more of a creative touch to the room too, giving it a more artistic, different and unique look.Honestly, I’m just happy and thrilled I have this chair forever now : ) I’m grateful” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

“I had a very specific need for the kind of chair I wanted to fit our space. I needed it to be compact so they wouldn’t block our bay windows, and because we prefer smaller furniture. We are normal sized people and we hate the oversized furniture. I’m so glad the more modern, small furniture has made a comeback. I wanted it to be stylish because they are a focal point in the room and I wanted it to be colorful because our couch is already a neutral and I love color! I also wanted them to swivel so I could use them to face the rest of the room or to face the windows to look outside while I have my coffee or watch the kids play in the yard. These chairs are everything I wanted and I love them! I have sat in them every day to have my coffee or just to sit and look outside for 2 years. They have held up better than I expected taking into consideration the price, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and daily use. I’m extremely pleased with this purchase and if they ever wear out I will be replacing them with the exact same thing!” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)