Aoxun 8×10 FT Outdoor Metal Storage Shed, Brown

  • 【Spacious Outdoor shed】 The 10×8FT Outdoor storage shed measures 119.4″L x 93.3″W x 88.6″H. This outdoor storage shed is perfect for your outdoor storage needs. This metal garden shed can store your snow blowers, shovels, outdoor chairs, bicycles, and toy cars. You can also buy some storage racks to hang on your outdoor storage shed to organize your shovels, umbrellas, antennas, escalators, and more.
  • 【Unique Excellent design】The sloping roof design not only increases the use area, but also prevents rainwater from gathering at the top for a long time. Special design of air vents to prevent any lack of air inside. Pad-lockable doors give easy access to your stored items and enhance the safety.
  • 【Multifunctional use】The versatile outdoor storage shed that’s available for multipurpose use, such as a convenient garden storeroom, a warm pet shelter, or a tidy garbage collection chamber; Perfect for backyard, garden, patio, which is a great shed house for backyard!
  • 【Durable and Stable Storage Shed】Durable structure and thick galvanized steel, waterproof, which make it easy to cope with all kinds of bad weather and have a long service life. Thick metal supporting roof and stacked wallboard make the whole structure more stable.
  • 【Upgraded Package】All parts of the outdoor closet shed have stuck a part number label, with a step-by-step manual. Note: The tool storage shed needs to be assembled with two-person. We also provide two pairs of gloves to facilitate your installation.

Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“This wasn’t hard to put together. We paid extra for the floor frame and put plywood floors in. Siliconed all the roof joints. We assembled the roof on top of our hot tub and carried it to the shed and fastened it on. It took us about 9 hours to fully assemble and seal. Only gave 4 stars because the instructions could be more clear. If you are handy it’s not hard to figure out, but some steps were confusing.Overall, I’m happy with my shed.” – Christy D (Source: Amazon)

“I took me over a month to decide on a shed … Plastic or metal?? And the there’s the Price … $500 or $1500?? I decided on this shed which was offering $100 off, but it wasn’t a Prime item so the shipping was $100. Still I got the shed at the price I wanted to spend on a “metal” and the size I desired. 10X8. The metal is decent. There are some gaps upon completion but I think I’ll caulk it to fill them in to make certain it will be water proof.Here’s some tips:-if you’re building your own base as I did, make sure to make it AT LEAST, 98″ long and 105″ wide! Or else you will be short!-take your time … there’s no quick way to install 600 screws.- USE A MAGNETIC TIP on your drill bit or screw driver. You will have to hold panels in place while screwing them tight. A magnetic driver will save your sanity!!-the metal is a little thicker than a beer can. It’s a doable shelter for your tools, DON’T COMPLAIN IF YOU DIDN’T WANT TO SPEND MORE $$$!!-DO NOT BUILD ON A WINDY DAY … you will become frustrated!!-OVERLAP All panels to make a “Channel” for water to run down. You will see one end of every panel is somewhat flat and the other side is “U” shaped. Put them correctly to make a channel! All in all I recommend this shed and building your own base. I did this ALL BY MYSELF… It took me 10 hours from start to finish, so PLAN FOR THIS TO TAKE YOU ALL DAY! And be happy when it’s done, don’t go back on Amazon shopping for another shed, and wonder if you could have gotten a better deal … Just enjoy what you have built!” – BAL7676 (Source: Amazon)

“I researched and researched sheds for days. Wood, plastic, metal, etc. I finally settled on this shed because the wood and plastic models for this size (10×8) were 3-5x the price. For the price, it seemed like the best value. Also, this model has doors that swing open as opposed to the sheds that have doors that slide open.I assembled this shed over a period of about 8 hours by myself. All you need is a drill (with a magnetic tip), screwdriver (so that you can manually tighten some of the screws without stripping them) and a ladder to install the roof. The assembly isn’t very difficult at all. It just takes time to screw in all of the panels/bars. Read the instructions carefully. It might be helpful to find a few YouTube videos as well. Most of these metal sheds are about the same anyway.The items arrived in (3) boxes and all were in good condition (nothing was damaged or bent). Once the structure is fully installed, it is extremely sturdy. I also made sure to anchor the shed to the ground as well (it only weighs just under 200lbs, so strong wind could cause damage if it lifts up).” – ruiner (Source: Amazon)

“So I have to said my English is not the best, but I read the instructions and follow them on point! For me and two more people helping took 6 hours to assemble, no rush, stoping to eat and have some drinks. The second day was raining no stop and the inside was totally dry, no leaks, and yes I use all the parts and cover every hole. So for me is word the money, totally!!! The only thing that I don’t like is that is very light way, but we secure to the floor using a platform.” – Sapsary (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for you. Backyard storage .took me four hours to put it together 100% recommendThank you” – Laz (Source: Amazon)

Other Landscaping Ideas

Tool Shed: The Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed can function exceedingly well as a garden tool shed. It provides ample space, allowing homeowners to effectively store various gardening tools including, but not limited to, shovels, rakes, pruning shears, and lawn mowers. Having a dedicated space for garden tools promotes better organization, easy tool accessibility and prevents cluttering of the garage or basement. As this shed is constructed from thick, galvanized, waterproof steel, it ensures the longevity of the stored tools by protecting them against weather impacts and rust.

Pet Shelter: The Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed can also serve as a convenient pet shelter. Transitioning this durable shed into a warm, cozy shelter for pets provides an excellent solution for animal owners whose pets enjoy spending time outdoors. The shed’s sturdy structure and considerable size make it an ideal spot for a pet house. Its excellent ventilation system ensures a continuous supply of fresh air, eliminating the risk of any air stagnation, making it a healthy space for pets.

Bike Storage: With its spacious interior, the Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed is perfect for bicycle storage. Cycling enthusiasts can secure their precious bikes in this robust, waterproof shed. This not only protects the bicycles from the elements and potential theft but conserves valuable space in the garage or basement. Its pad-lockable doors provide an extra security feature that compliments its use as a bike storage unit.

Outdoor Furniture Storage: Homeowners often need a safe, dry place to store their outdoor furniture during harsh winter months or inclement weather. The design size of the Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed provides an ideal solution to this issue. Homeowners can confidently store their patio furniture, grills, outdoor cushions, and seasonal decorations, assured that these items are safe from harsh weather conditions.

Garbage Collection Unit: For households looking for a tidy, organized solution to manage their waste, the Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed can be utilized as a garbage collection unit. The size and internal structure of this shed can accommodate several large garbage bins while still being easily accessible. It can help manage waste disposal better and keep the surrounding area cleaner by preventing waste overflow and keeping everything out of sight.

Kids’ Toy Storage: For families with children, the Aoxun Outdoor Storage Shed can prove to be a beneficial storage unit. Outdoor toys such as balls, bicycles, or toy cars can be conveniently stored inside the shed. This functioning is twofold – it keeps the backyard tidy by preventing scattered toys and protects toys from harsh weather conditions that could cause damage or fading. Parents would find this shed valuable in keeping the home environment organized.