Amolife (SHA CERLIN) Industrial Style Wooden Platform Bed

Elevate the look and feel of your bedroom with this industrial style wooden platform bed. With an impressive 800lbs. capacity and a strong, grey metal frame for stability, this bed’s unique design features a headboard and footboard made of high-quality medium-density fiberboard decorated with rivets for a truly industrial look. Additionally, this bed is designed with noise-free features, like a mute buckle and plastic foot plugs, so you and your partner can get a restful night’s sleep. Perfect for any bedroom, this bed is the perfect blend of style and function. Whether you’re a student looking for a bed that’s easy to assemble, or a young couple wanting a modern and stylish bed, this bed is sure to impress. And for a truly unique touch, add some decorative pillows to the headboard for extra style and comfort.


Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

Industrial style wooden platform beds are a popular choice for modern bedroom designs. With their rugged, raw wood and metal finishes, these beds add a touch of edginess and industrial flair to any room. They are also a practical choice for smaller spaces, as the platform design allows for extra storage underneath. In this guide, we will feature some popular designs from Amazon that can help you incorporate an industrial style wooden platform bed into your bedroom. So, whether you are looking to create a minimalist, industrial-inspired bedroom or just want to add a touch of raw, edgy style to your space, these designs are sure to inspire.

Popular Amazon Reviews

“Absolutely great product. So beautiful bed and easy to assembly. It looks elegant and bright up my space.” – Sayeda Alam (Source: Amazon)

“That mattress I have on it is a very tight fit with about 1-2” total over hang on either side but you cannot tell once on there. The bed becomes a very solid and nice piece when its all said and done !!good buy !!” – melissa a emond (Source: Amazon)

Other Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

Incorporate natural materials – Adding natural elements, such as jute rugs or wicker baskets, can help to bring a farmhouse feel to the room.

Use industrial-style lighting –  To fully embrace the industrial style, consider using light fixtures with raw metal finishes or exposed bulbs. This can help to create a cohesive look throughout the room.

Add small accents – Items such as metal candle holders or concrete planters, can help to reinforce the industrial theme of the room.

Keep clutter to a minimum – A key aspect of minimalism is keeping clutter to a minimum. Consider using storage solutions, such as baskets or under-bed storage, to keep your space organized and clutter-free if you’re going for a minimalistic vibe.