Outdoor 4 Piece Rattan Wicker Patio Furniture Set (Wisteria Lane/FDW)

  • Are you looking for an outdoor furniture set that can accommodate your family and friends? Look no further than these 7-piece outdoor patio sets that are as stylish as they are functional.
  • Each piece is constructed from powder-coated steel and wrapped in all-weather wicker that is resistant to the elements. These pieces are available in an array of modern hues with cushioning for a cozy, inviting atmosphere in your front porch or backyard.
  • Plus, the sectionals can be re-arranged as your needs change.
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Design & Decor Ideas from Customers

“Omg! What an amazing find! I got this set for my patio balcony. It’s not very big just right. Was a lot of pieces, but assembly was easy once figure out where everything goes! Quality is amazing, pillows are very comfortable, nothing was defective. Color is just as the picture. It dries fast after the rain too, which was a plus! The delivery arrived 2 weeks early, super impressed! Would recommend this to all!!!” – Tatiana Borshovska (Source: Amazon)

“It’s a nice looking small set. Light weight, comfortable enough to enjoy the outdoors. The back of the seats look thin so I am not sure when it comes to sturdiness if this will last. My patio is not too big so this set is just right for it.” – tica21010 (Source: Amazon)

“This took me forever to put together because the pieces don’t fit very well. the wicker blocked the screw spots and it was difficult to get around. over all I think they are good quality and look great, just be prepared for some work!!” – Lois Barrie (Source: Amazon)

“Great set for 4 people. This is a very attractive set! It took me, solo, about 1.5 hours to put together. And, after, it was easy to lift each assembled piece outside and upstairs to my deck. It is quite comfortable. You can elevate the look with colorful pillows or a nice outdoor rug (see photo). Recommend!” – C. West (Source: Amazon)

“Was hoping to write a positive review for this product, but I’ve had part of the 5 piece set I ordered for a week and I don’t have it put together. The set shipped in two boxes, one containing the glass table, which was rejected during transit by fed ex because it shattered. The other box containing the sofa and chairs shipped without a printed set of instructions and no hardware. So it sits on my deck until the new table ships, and will hopefully contain hardware and/or instructions. Manufacturer responds promptly to all issues, but it took several email exchanges before it was clear to them what had happened to damaged goods.Update to the above: manufacturers shipped us the replacement table and other pieces. It came in perfect condition with all necessary hardware and instructions. We’re very happy with it. Great looking and worth the price.” – Andrea S. (Source: Amazon)

“I love my new outdoor furniture. I read all the reviews before purchasing this set, and I agree putting it together wasn’t fun, but we got it done.I was all ready to purchase an identical set from another site, but it did not come with back cushions and this set does. So that was my deciding factor.I love that it is small but sturdy.I purchased the gray and the colors are perfect for the blue color accents on my patio.It does sit low to the ground so I would not recommend this set for taller people.If you have a small space and do not want it to overwhelm the area – this is the set for you!I also purchased covers for this set, so I do not have to take in my cushions every time it rains.” – Melanie Mason (Source: Amazon)

“I put this together in a little over an hour and have enjoyed it with a glass of wine on my porch. I will update if we have any issues but it is just as pictured. I’m a “thick” female who is 5’6” and have no issues with the size so I am not sure why people are complaining about it being small. It is patio furniture size. I never read it was oversized so I received exactly what I expected. The cushion are plushy but have no problem holding my weight. I would order another set.Shipped in 2 packages 2 days apart because of the size of the items. You have to wait for both to assemble anything. If you have to take more time than an hour to put this together with Allen wrench, have someone else do it.” – Mrs Mead (Source: Amazon)

“I just bought a new condo and wanted a new but reasonably priced set of patio furniture. I also didn’t have a lot of room either so didn’t want anything too big. I found this online and loved the look and price! It was fairly easy to put together, but no way I could have done it by myself. It’s much easier if you have another set of hands. I would highly recommend this patio furniture. It’s comfortable and sturdy and looks really nice. I love it!” – Michelle (Source: Amazon)

“Very nice for the price. The look is very pretty and completed our patio very nicely. The assembly was very easy. My 14 year old daughter was able to assemble most of it by herself and it took about 45 minutes. The only thing I wish is that the seat cushions would be thicker, but that is an easy fix and we will more than likely buy thicker ones. Cannot go wrong for the price!” – Alba Levesque (Source: Amazon)

“Beautiful and comfortable. We have had so many compliments on this furniture. People agree that is beautiful and comfortable. Easy enough to put together and when done, you really see that the finish ped products are wonderful!” – seawonderer (Source: Amazon)

“Perfect for small space. I absolutely love this furniture. For my outdoor living space it is perfect. My space is not very big so it goes perfect!” – Tahirah Lee Edmund (Source: Amazon)

Ways to Decorate with the Wisteria Lane Patio Set

Add Outdoor Rugs: Introduce outdoor rugs underneath the furniture set. This can define the seating area and bring an extra layer of texture and comfort underfoot. Choose rugs with weather-resistant materials and patterns that complement the brown rattan and the colors of your outdoor space. Geometric or botanical patterns can add a vibrant touch.

Light it Up with LED Solar Lights: Illuminate your outdoor living area with a mix of solar LED lights. Fairy lights can be draped around the umbrella or over the seating area for a whimsical effect, while solar path lights can guide guests to your patio spot. For the table, a solar-powered lantern can create a cozy, ambient glow during the evenings.

Incorporate Plant Life: Situating planters around your patio set can enhance the space with greenery and color. Consider low-maintenance, outdoor plants like succulents, ferns, or even small trees. Choose planters in materials that complement the wicker conversation set, such as terracotta, stone, or matching rattan, to create a cohesive look. Hanging plants can also add a lush, vertical element to the space.

Accessorize with Outdoor Pillows and Throws: Add an array of outdoor pillows on the loveseat and armchairs for additional comfort and a pop of color. Opt for weather-resistant fabrics in various textures and shades to coordinate or contrast with the existing cushion color for a personalized touch. Throws can be handy for cooler evenings, adding both function and a welcoming vibe.

Set Up a Beverage Station: A portable bar cart or a decorative table can serve as a convenient spot for drinks and snacks, making outdoor entertaining effortless. Style it with a durable tray, outdoor glasses, a pitcher for refreshments, and perhaps a vase with freshly cut flowers or a potted plant. This not only adds to the decor but also ensures guests feel accommodated.