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Nina’s 20 Warm & Cozy Modern Farmhouse Designs We Can All Learn From

Nina’s home (@diariesofmyhome) offers an essential warmth that includes plenty of light and excellent storage. Simple white candles and white glass and ceramic storage pieces create a bright, clean home that reminds the viewer of a fresh field of snow. As your eye travels through these 20 images, carefully study how she pairs delicate curves, such as from a mirror to a blanket rack to the back of a dining room chair, with the squared-off sturdy yet very comfy living room decor. The chairs offer curves that hearken back to mid-century modern yet offer a hygge-like warmth that make you want to linger. The round coffee table and side tables offer two different wood tones, easily pulled together by the off-white rug, the sand-toned pillows, and the landscape painting over the sofa. Every inch of this home encourages the viewer to take a seat, have a coffee, and linger. No matter the season, this home will be a warm, inviting place.