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Warm and Alive: The Work of Kasia Tabath-Sklorz in 24 Images

The charming cottage of Kasia is a plush, warm, and alive spot to linger. Her clever use of light, both natural and electric, offers fans tremendous consistency in a home that is loaded with items that can only be considered beloved. The 24 images in this review offers wonderful ideas for those who are not interested in minimalism but terrified of clutter. If you’re working to display those items that you love most, Kasia shows us how lovely abundance can truly be. The light gloss of tiles around the tub is paired with lush, deep brown paint right up to the angled skylight. The staircase is loaded with charming artwork but kept trim and neat with dark spindles against a natural wood handrail and light toned treads with a white kick plate. For families with small children, this pairing can increase the safety of adults and little ones alike.