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Diana’s 20 Simple, Yet Classy Home Inspirations

These 20 photos show that Diana (@whereheartresides) has designed and decorated her home to make it look clean and airy. She has painted her walls with a Crushed Ice color, which is a light gray with a green undertone but reflects blue under some lighting conditions.

Her furniture and curtains are mainly white or gray, with some pops of color from her wall paintings, desk, pillows, and blankets, all brown or muted pink. She has also incorporated plants, which in addition to the huge windows around the house, make it feel airy and open.

One of the most noticeable things from these 20 images is her entry table. She has added flowers in a white vase, a white key plate, and pink candles on black holders, which are elements reflected in her house decoration theme.

The theme continues to her bedroom, with a white headboard, white bedding, white pillows, and grayish paintings above the headboard. She has added color with two pink pillows and a plant on her bedside.